Reasons for return:

You can return a product you purchased in the following cases:

  • In case we sent you by mistake a DIFFERENT product from the one you ordered.
  • YOU REGRET for your purchase and have not unsealed the product. The date of receipt of your order with the date of submission of the request for return should not exceed 14 calendar days.
  • The item is problematic in the first days of its acquisition and according to the policy coverage of each manufacturer.

Return conditions:

In any case, together with the product, the purchase document must be presented.

In case we send you a DIFFERENT product from the one you ordered, the shipping costs are borne exclusively by us. The shipment will be made through ELTA after you contact us and we will indicate the shipping method. We will make sure that you are covered immediately with the correct item / items and in case of non-availability of the item you will be credited the amount paid if you have prepaid it. The original product must have been preserved in its original factory packaging with no signs of product packaging tampering

REPENTED for your purchase and did not unseal the product? then you can return it within 14 calendar days (4 calendar for refund) from the issuance of retail receipt or invoice provided the item is kept in its original factory packaging without any signs of breach of security tape – authenticity or use of the product. Returns are not accepted if the outer / inner factory packaging has been tampered with. Also, returns on items manufactured or delivered by the manufacturers we represent are not accepted, upon your special order. In this case the shipping costs are covered by you. The credit of the item is executed immediately from the moment the above conditions are met.

In case of a construction error from the very first days of their use and not due to inability to handle it by the user and if covered by the policy of each manufacturer, you can return the problem item to our headquarters with our own shipping costs via ELTA after contacting us and we will show you the shipping method. If it is found that your product is indeed covered by this policy, we will send you a new product with our own shipping costs, always with constant information from our technical department. Again in this case, please send the items with their original packaging so that they will be returned to you when you replace them again as you originally received them.

We would like to point out that in case the product does not meet the above conditions, it will be returned to the sender at his own expense.


HOMECART offers you a guarantee of quality in all its products regardless of the manufacturer’s guarantee and in accordance with the applicable laws in favor of consumers, thus making your online purchases through our online store safe, secure and affordable as in our physical store.

All our products go through a technical inspection for their proper operation and we are always at your disposal giving you the solution to any problem that may arise during the ordering, shipping, receipt and use of them.


HOMECART guarantees that according to the warranty the devices work perfectly and according to the specifications of the manufacturers or their assemblers.

The warranty is valid only with the presentation of the warranty form and the legal proof of purchase and concerns only products that are defective from their construction and not from their wear by the user.

During the warranty, HOMECART will repair the defective product, assuming the cost of any spare parts that may be required or will replace it. The repair will be done in the technical facilities of HOMECART, after the return of the defective product through the valid returns procedure.

In case of failure to repair the defective product, HOMECART will replace the defective product with another of the same or similar technical specifications.

The manner and costs of transport to and from HOMECART as well as the possible insurance of the devices is the choice and responsibility of the customer.

The time of completion of the repair of the products is decided exclusively by HOMECART.

The repair or replacement of the product is at the absolute choice of HOMECART. The spare parts or products that have been replaced are contained in its ownership.

This warranty does not cover consumable parts of the appliance and fault of the buyer (eg batteries, power supplies, cases, storage media (magnetic and optical media such as CDs, DVDs, cassettes, hard disks), accident with water or other liquid, shocks of the device or falling, connecting cables, antennas, etc).

Problems with your computer’s operating system are not covered by this warranty.

HOMECART does not endorse or guarantee any products in which illegal copies of components have been installed or used or any interference from third parties has occurred.

By ordering and receiving the products, the customer unconditionally accepts the terms of use.

The warranty automatically expires in the following cases:

  • When the product is operated by a person not authorized by HOMECART.
  • When damage results from accident, poor wiring, falling, exposure to extreme levels of temperature, humidity, vibration or spillage.
  • When the product is subjected to physical or electrical stress beyond the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • When the device number or markings on the device have been altered, removed or damaged.
  • When the product is used in an environment or for a use not specified by the manufacturer.
  • When the fault comes from a faulty installation.
  • When the problem is due to virus programs that alter the functional features of the device.
  • When the problem is due to the installation of programs that change the functional characteristics of the device.
  • When the manufacturer’s maintenance procedures are not followed.

Product returns:

Returns are accepted within 14 days from the purchase of the product only upon presentation of the legal proof of purchase.

The products to be returned must have not been used and must be in their original packaging.